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La Plaine, October 17, 2007

Veperformance has converted a 1989 gta Trans Am using a prototype electric motor.

Since we got the vehicle in october 2006, M. Eric Nadeau Presidant and designer at Veperformance has worked in restoring it.
The vehicle was dismantled and repainted.Then the suspension, steering and brakes where restored.The lighting system was also optimised.

Vehicle properties:

  • Nominal weight 3500lbs/1589kg
  • length 16ft/4,8m and with 6ft/1,8m
  • 4 passengers
  • 4 wheel disc brake
  • positraction with aluminium driveshaft
  • aluminium shock absorber
  • chromoly cross member and suspension components
  • 17" alloy wheels
  • aluminium rack and pinion
  • 24v dc brushless blower
  • led lighting
  • neodymium speakers
  • synthetic grease and lubricants where used
  • direct drive with control system in front
  • batteries in front and in place of previous gaz tank
  • Cd of 0,29
  • electric option group

This trans am was a good conversion candidate

  • solid structure that can acomodate the wheight of batteries
  • easy to restore
  • good aerodynamic
  • room to accomodate components and batteries safely
  • abondant and afordable parts

While we started working on the vehicle , many evolving version of the prototype motor where developped and tested.

M. Eric Nadeau studied science in college and electronic at the institut superiere de l'electronique and has about 20yrs of experience in car maintenance .The main interrest is the devellopement of a high efficiency electric motor for automotive application.

Veperformance is dedicated to the developpement of high efficiency drivetrain.

For more information please contact
Mr Réal Turcotte